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Eurasian beaver activity increases water storage, attenuates flow and mitigates diffuse pollution from intensively-managed grasslands

How beavers could help save the Western US from a dry future

Time to re-introduce nature’s flood management engineer- the beaver. An article written by Louise Ramsey January 2014

An article in the Guardian by George Monbiot on flood defences

A very interesting article published in the Royal Scottish Forestry Society magazine last year can be seen here –   Article Beavers

A link to the 2012 tour to Bavaria.

The Tayside Beavers: The view from the other side. An article from Highland Perthshire News and Comment.

The aspen mapping database is now updated with 284 Tayside records.  You will see from the map that most of the records are in the west. There will be fewer records in the east because of the type of terrain, but a good enjoyable exercise for people interested in the beavers and their favourite tree.   The Tayside Aspen Map can be seen here – Tayside Aspen Map 2013

The Beavers favourite tree. Looking out for new Aspen stands.

A review of the European Habitats Directive click here

Beaver influence on Fisheries habitat  click here

The importance of beaver ponds to coho salmon production  click here

Influence of Beaver activity on Summer Growth click here

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