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Beavers are the first native mammal to be reintroduced to the UK.

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Scottish Wild Beaver Group is a official charity (SCIO) which aims to promote, for the benefit of the public; the study, conservation and protection of wild Eurasian beavers and their natural habitats in Scotland.


Following the reintroduction of native beavers to Scotland it is imperative that people and beavers learn to coexist once again as this amazing rodent brings us so many benefits.


The Scottish Government decided in November 2016 that they were minded to legally protect beavers, a lengthy process which has involved Strategic Environmental Assessment and other formal criteria to be filled. It is hoped that this legal protection of beavers as a native species will come into place shortly and prevent any further unlicensed killing of beavers.



We would be delighted if you would join us and become a member of the Scottish Wild Beaver Group.

Members are invited to complimentary beaver walks and recieve updates on our activities through newsletters.

Members are also invited to our events and offered to take part in voluntary activities such as tree wrapping and willow planting.


Scottish wild beaver group logo